Wednesday, March 26, 2014

You Matter. We Matter.

So, I won't name any names, but someone in my close circle sent me a Calvin & Hobbs clip about "whining, instant gratification" and asked if that's what I meant by, "You Matter."

Obviously, that certain someone has yet to watch the video I suggested. :)

So, have you observed three other people doing something that matters?
- J at work does an amazing job helping clients feel comfortable and at ease with doing their own content entry. He is calm and easy-going and folks walk out saying, "I can do this!" It's a two-for-one win in my book!
- Miss Muffet will persist in something until she understands it. She may be frustrated and on the verge of tears. She may even be crying in frustration, but she doesn't give up. Never. She never gives up. I love that part of her personality.
- Bear got grounded from video games for throwing a temper tantrum. He was very sad, but he took his punishment and made the best of it, which included playing in the water hose in 45*F weather when I wasn't looking. Good learner. Good imagination.

And have you observed the three positive things you did that mattered yesterday?
- I kept at a project that was spiraling out of control and got help from teammates to get the job done. Some parts late, but no longer out of control.
- I honored my service committment to the food group I am a part of. Even though the easier thing would have been to call and cancel.
- I took 30 minutes at the end of the day to clean off the counters and turn back the children's beds and soften all the lights, so that the "mood" said, "This is a peaceful, calm, serene space. A good place for rest and sleep."

So, we're into Day 2 of mattering.
Start noticing and writing.
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