Tuesday, March 25, 2014

You Matter, Yes, You Do!

This weekend, in my online rambling, I stumbled across Angela Maiers' Ted Talk about "You Matter" and how important it is for every human being to feel that they, as their own person, matter. And being recognized as mattering, matters.

Please listen to the talk. It can change your life, if you'll let it.
Change you, because you will view yourself, and everyone around you differently.
And if you've ever wondered what your purpose on this planet was, well this can be one of them: to know deep down that you possess a genius that no one else on the planet has or will possess, because it is a part of who you are. And that others have a unique genius too. And that we all matter. And, ironically, it is more often than not the little things that matter.

So, here is my challenge for this week.
Take a notebook (any old one will do, I'll be using my journal) and make the daily intentional effort to notice three positive things that other people did... things that mattered. They can be big or little things. It can be the gal in the grocery store who was so cheerful as she stocked shelves and wished me a blessed day, or the little boy who noticed my wig and gave me a double thumbs up. Or the spouse who unasked gathered and took out the trash. Write them down. Now, the bonus challenge is for you to do three positive matters that are you. Ask the curious question. Smile kindly at the teenager stalling out in the road as they learn to drive stick shift, terrified. Allow yourself that cup of tea with a friend. Write those down.

Let's do it for a week and see how our attitude on life in general is.
You up for the challenge?
Erica Robinson