Thursday, March 27, 2014

You Matter. You Have a Gift That Others Need.

Do you believe those words?
Probably not.
If you are honest with yourself, and quiet, you have perhaps convinced yourself that "I am nothing special...not really."

Of course, there is always the flip side of this. The ego-driven personality, who believes themselves to be the Supreme Being of the Universe and that the world and everything in it must revolve around him/her.

Yet, if you look at the sentence above "You have a gift that others need", you will see the balancing act in this "mattering". That key is "You have a contribution to make".

If you view your life as one of service, as one where you can make a positive difference on the world, then you know deep within that you actually really do matter. You can, if you want to. You can start right now. Even if you are only 9 years old. You matter. And your actions, no matter what your age, define your impact on the lives of people around you. And like a pebble tossed in a still pool of water, that ripple of good you do, goes on and influences people that you do not know and will never meet.

So, don't forget to look around and see the unique genius in others. Things like:
- C, here at work, is earnest and hardworking. He carries himself well and has the beautiful blend of talent and humility that make him a pleasure to work with. You actually want to work with this fellow. If you get a chance to, you are a lucky duck indeed.
- BB has a genius for making all of his friends feel special. Even the much younger ones. He is learning the art of diplomacy mixed with patience and kindness.
- Our local post office has a reputation for meaness and rudeness. Today, the opposite happened. Everyone was nice and smiling. I didn't realize how tense I was going in there, until I started to leave and it hit me, "That was the way it's supposed to be when you go to the Post Office."

And my "mattering"? Well, most recently:
- I have a genius for comforting: sick children at 2 a.m. included.
- My courtesy to sales clerks and fellow shoppers is contagious. Imagine that!
- My food tastes amazing, both for me and my family!

You matter. How are you helping the world today?
Erica Robinson

Source for image: Angela Maiers