Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Don't Just Sit There: Start Rowing!

This is me, talking to myself.
Talking to myself about the goals and dreams that don't seem to be materializing the way I thought they would. Apparently, I am doing all the right things. At least, I think I am, in that loosey-goosey way I have of normally thinking, without putting any effort into it.
But then, when I sit still and actually think, really think, "What am I doing to get from A to B?" and "What can I do differently or more of to get there?" I see room for improvement within myself.
My life right now seems like this finely crafted sailing ship, with pretty paint and wide sails for catching the winds of opportunity. Except right now, there doesn't appear to be any wind.
Bleak even.
And I've been sitting here wondering, "What is going on here?" (or rather, "Why is stuff NOT going on here?"). So, yesterday, I took out my oars and started rowing in the direction I wanted to go. I contacted some folks. Today, I did it again and even more. I rowed. And I will keep rowing.

Eventually, the wind will catch again and I will be clipping along in a fine breeze.
In the meantime, I will row.
Set my course and head there. I will stop waiting on a magical breeze or fairy/angel or opportunity to teleport me there, because that isn't going to happen. At least not to me: to get where I'm heading requires some serious effort on my part. My experience has taught, and continues to teach, me that.

So, if you find yourself, like me: with your life in the doldrums, set your course and start rowing.
You know what I mean: those 15 minute things you can do to move just a step or two closer to your goals. Every day. Several times a day.

Stop waiting for the wind. In this moment, the wind is your breath, and your breath, your life is enough force to move your ship forward. Here's a rowboat heroine, who shows you don't need the wind like you think you do.  If you need to get motivated, Roz Savage is a good place to start.

Yours ever,