Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mr. Money Moustache: Badassity Food Challenge for July 2016

So, we're going to open back up The Forever Mother for a month of posting!
Everybody do the happy dance!!!

(My new blog "The Daily Kind" is not up and running yet and the Girl has got to WRITE!)

So, a co-worker introduced me to Mr. Money Moustache and of course, me the food addict, just happens to read as my first foray his post about how much he spends on food each week.

Then he spreadsheet-laid-it-all-out-there, bare-boned for us all to see.
And it has real food.
Good food. As in, no ramen noodles.

So, I'm going to take the challenge for July.
He and his family live on $1/meal per person per day. Here I thought I was doing good on the SNAP standard (somewhere around $1.56/meal/person/day). Ok, MMM... I'll play your game.

Of course, I ran it by my sweet spouse to make sure the whole family would be on board for the adventure, since it's going to require more discipline with the food budget. We're all in, so let us begin.

If you want to tag along, you are more than welcome!

Today, in preparation, I went to the old Sam's Club and stocked up on some basic food stuffs:
- 10 pounds of oatmeal (boxed)
- 10 pounds of rice
- 6 pounds of instant potatoes
- 6 pounds of pancake/waffle mix
- 3 dozen eggs
- 3 pounds of baby carrots
- 2.5 pounds of sausage
- 3 pounds of motzarella cheese
- 1 pound of feta cheese
- 2 jars of pickles
- 4 pounds of butter
- 1 rotisserie chicken
- 1 large (huge) box of goldfish snacks
- 2 boxes of fruit and nut granola bars (3g sugar per bar), 48 count each box
- 2 large cans of salted peanuts (spouse's favourite snack)
- 32 count package of soft tortillas (we use for quesadillas, pizzas, etc)
- large box of kids cereal (2-pk)
- six pack of spaghetti noodles
- 10 pounds of pinto beans (I know, it sounds like I've turned into a creepy food prepper)
- 3 pound bag of chocolate chips
- large container of taco seasoning spice
- large container of cinnamon spice
- 4 pounds of peanut butter

Cost: $199

It's not everything we'll eat for the month, but it gives us a base. We've already got about 15 cucumbers and 8 organic tomatoes in the house from our friend's garden.
Also in the house:
- 2 pounds strawberries
- 6 pounds frozen blueberries
- 3 pounds apples
- one lone banana
- 2 winter squash
- bunch of celery
- zuchinni
15 assorted cans of veggies, fruits, soups, and sauces
-frozen fish, hot dogs, chicken ~ 10 pounds
- 5 packages of frozen veggies, varied
- a smidgen of ice cream
- some ricotta cheese
- some, maybe 2 oz, of plain greek yogurt
- 10 pounds of various soy products (tempeh, soybeans, soy flakes)
milk, juice, cheese, bread, jams, flour, sugars, candies, oils, spices, flavorings, sprinkles, etc.

So, if we were incredibly inventive, we could probably go the whole month, but ultimately, the goal is to make something palatable that we can all exist on, beyond July. Not go, "Ugg! We did it! Never again!" And get better and better at it, so that come October, we can host a dinner party and not have spent our week's worth of grocery money in the process.

Because staying debt free is critical for our family.
Living within our means and thriving is the goal here.
And we like to eat and have people over for food and games.

So, here's to July and, for us five Robinsons, the $15/day challenge!
But wait, we've got to count this $199 in that factor...
July has 31 days, so $1/day/meal/person = $15/day x 31 = $465 for the month.
$465 - $199 = $266 remaining for the month
Or $8.58/day for the family food supplies for the next 31 days.

As an experienced grocery shopper, I can see that this will work.
There's room for milk, meat, extra veggies (especially on sale), and the occasional treat.
I'll take out the $266 from the bank tomorrow...and ask for $1s, $5s, and $10s.

Seriously, did you think I'd spend $199 and it not have to "count"?
Come on! You know me better than that by now!
And, we already had a partially stocked larder...that's a big bonus, because we will be noshing on everything in the house as part of the challenge.

I'll include a rough idea of what gets eaten each day as well.