Saturday, July 2, 2016

Day 1: July Food Challenge -- MMM $1/meal/day/person

July 1st dinner for the Fam.
Estimated cost: $2.75. My din-din: $1.25
I'm excited about this month's challenge, so I talk to everybody about what I'm doing:
- the bank teller (took out 1/2 of the $266 balance for the month)
- the cashier (she got a glazed look PDQ)
- my co-workers ("ah, interesting")

The truth is, I didn't really need to go to the grocery store today, and I may regret it in about 10 days, when all the "fresh" is gone.
After all, I'd spent $190 at Sam's Club yesterday, and we had groceries even before that run. Still, The Spouse wanted a particular item, so I went with $8 and a $1 off store coupon (from the grocery store for an earlier purchase made) and picked up a few things.

In total, I spent $6.77, with a "25% savings" noted at the bottom of my receipt. I gave the $0.23 in change to the gal standing in the coin change line as I was walking out. She probably thought I was silly, but hey, anything to stretch your budget, Dearie. The extra $1, I added back to the envelope. Interestingly, the cashier handed me back my $1 off store purchase coupon, so, sure, I'll try to use it again tomorrow or the next day.

All the meals were delightful, though I am curious as to how the meals on July 31 will be. (Stark visions of ships lost at sea, subsisting on "hardtack" dance through my head). It's an important thought to be mindful with regards to what I spend our food budget on.

To note also about our family: I used to be morbidly obese. My weight loss of over 100# that I've maintained for over two years comes from being very, very strict with my eating habits. I don't eat sugar, or rice, or potatoes. In fact, the only grain I eat is wheat germ, which I bake into a little cookie or cracker like thing and very much enjoy. You'd probably think it tastes like sawdust. That's o.k., you don't have to eat it. My point is: I eat differently from the rest of my family. It adds money to the "what are we buying" because, let's face it, rice is a lot cheaper than fresh veggies and fruit. But you'll notice, I have friends with over producing gardens at the moment. I also tend to eat the same, less expensive veggies year round and stalk the discount sections of our grocery stores (and yes, I do take a multi-vitamin).

Today's food rundown:
Breakfast: milk w/coffee, .5 pound of strawberries, 1 oz yogurt, 2.5 oz ricotta cheese (Kids and spouse had omelets, toast and fresh strawberries)
Lunch: large salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, pickles, feta cheese, bacon and mayo (Fam had hot dogs, carrot sticks/celery, yogurt and salad w/mango Juicy Juice)
Dinner: large salad, baked winter squash, wheat germ crisp, milk, cheese, bacon, soy (Fam: rotisserie chicken, peas, rice, cranberry "jelly", cucumbers w/milk)

Things we are running low on:
- ground coffee (plenty of instant on hand)
- milk
- lettuce (had to throw away 1/2 of the taco salad made the Wed night with a head of lettuce...too soggy and weird...hate wasting food; however, we now know to make a smaller salad.

should have made a smaller batch.