Monday, July 11, 2016

Day 11: July Food Challenge $1/1/1

Homemade, roasted soynuts
Today, everyone seemed genuinely grateful.
My children repeatedly said "thank you" for the food. Oh certainly, the six-year-old had comments about the roasted potatoes. Please note, World, he does not like them. He ate them all, but, well, still, he doesn't like them. Not even with catsup. Of course, his twinkling eyes gave him away, but, thank you, Child, for your put down. Now, understand, today's meals weren't special or favorites. Lunch was quite plain, to be honest.

Today's menu was:
Breakfast for the family: french toast with applesauce and milk
Breakfast for me: canned pineapple, plain yogurt, toasted soynuts, milk (for my coffee)
Lunch for me was (you guessed it): a salad with cheese and milk (for my coffee), family had sandwiches and chips and apple slices
Dinner: baked, seasoned chicken* roasted potatoes, corn/black bean/bell pepper medley (frozen), bread with jam
Din-din for me: salad, green beans, cheese, more toasted soynuts, butter and yep, I did it again... milk for my coffee. How else do you think I'm able to stay awake typing this late at night? ;)

This makes another two days straight not having to go inside a grocery store. I'm finding it a mental relief to not have to take time out of my day for even a short excursion. I think I'm enjoying not having to be surrounded by the opportunity to overspend. It's a lot like staying out of certain types of restaurants if you are a compulsive eater (which I am).

Today, I also found myself talking to someone who's been implementing some of the same practices, based off my daily journey. That's kind of cool. She had a good hack about where to buy the best-priced bacon, so you know I was all ears! We talked further about how this kind of mindfulness leads to mindfulness in other areas of life. Of being willing to do the hard, yet needful things.
I'm glad that I can still learn and become a deeper, better person.
That I can take correction and see the usefulness of it, and actually change, slowly, one day at a time.

To see this, 11 days in and wonder what all will have been revealed by Day 31.
That wasn't a part of the challenge: this radiating effect on my life and even, possibly, yours.
To cause us all to pause and consider.
It's a profoundly simple and lovely thing.

*Seasoning (mixed together in a jar that I keep on the shelf)
- Tony Chachere's (the base)
- curry powder (very close second)
- garlic powder (way distant third)
- onion powder (not too much)
- salt (because different salt actually tastes different)
- smoked paprika (dusting, which makes your tongue go, "ummmy yumm what is that?")