Sunday, July 17, 2016

Day 17: July Food Challenge $1/1/1

The cupboard
Money spent on food: $42
Armed with a menu plan and a list, I hit the grocery store today to shop for the next several day's supply of food. On the list were things like ground beef (2#), milk (2 gallons), veggies (celery, lettuce, tomato, green beans, brussel sprouts), parmesean cheese, tomato soup, bread, can of chili, jam, instant coffee, pepperoni, diet tonic water, and wheat germ. And also a giant canteloupe from the produce clearance rack. Got everything on the list save wheat germ. The frozen veggies are on sale (3-day sale) for $0.77 each, so I will probably go back this evening (sale ends today) and buy the rest of the month's stock.

Today, The Spouse and I also did a thorough money inventory: paid all bills due, planned for upcoming expenses, talked about some future goals, and discussed "back to school" supplies. Again, armed with lists, I took the three kids and went and got all their listed supplies for the upcoming year ($75/child, included markers, glue, crayons, hand sanitizer, tissues, ziploc bags, reams of paper, folders, pencils, lunch boxes and backpacks). We still need to buy tennis shoes, but frankly, we were all rather pooped after trooping around the length and breadth of ole Wally-World. School starts in three weeks and we are prepared and ready...that feels great!

All told, there is now $107 remaining in the grocery budget to finish out the month. I've included photos of both the pantry and the refrigerator so that you can see the amount of food on hand. If, as my friend from Chicago, K, says, "a cement truck blocked all access to the outside world for several days, we'd be fine."

Dinner tonight is spaghetti and meat"balls" (chunks more like) with broccoli and fresh peaches and canteloupe. It's ready and waiting for our middle two kids to return from petsitting duty. Dessert will be a Valentine chocolate truffle for each of them. They have been tucked away, waiting for a night like tonight to celebrate silly things like school supplies and a Pokemon backpack. I'll let you know if there is a complaint about the chocolate, which I think is still "fresh"...we're about to find out!
The Fridge

2nd haul... $27 spent mainly on frozen veggies (Fam) + 1 gallon of "Party Pail" icecream (kids) + wheatgerm (me) + 1 blueberry cream cheese (kids + spouse) + 2 Chex Mix (son's favorite snack, on sale for $1/6 oz bag)
I don't get it. They put all their frozen, store-brand veggies on sale. Even the "good stuff" like stir-fry medleys and "Italian meal starters" ... way more than the usual "basics" (which are still good) that you expect to be marked down. Hey, we'll take it. The freezer is officially stuffed. I see a ratatouille in our dinner future.