Monday, July 18, 2016

Day 18: July Food Challenge $1/1/1

My overall attitude today. Ridiculous, Woman!
Staying the course, in spite of a bad attitude.
Money spent: $0
After all the money spent yesterday, you'd be shocked if I had posted spending money on groceries!
There was no temptation to go in and prowl and catch a good deal.
Rather, there was the simple satisfaction of knowing we are doing well and are now on the downhill slope of our challenge. It is interesting to me, as I start to plan ahead for next month, that there is probably a gentle cyclical nature to this process, if I will but pay attention and follow the path. For example, it is easy to see that I will not need to purchase several of the bulk, staple items that I bought at the beginning of this journey. In fact, it may be three more months before we use up some things. Other things, like eggs and carrots, will need a restock here at the halfway point. The major consumables: milk, bread, proteins, veggies, fruits... those are best bought every few days.

So, it's starting to make sense, even when I'm scowling at it and trying to make it not. This makes me laugh at myself, though sometimes it takes me a few hours to get over my angst. Those bulk items that I usually buy for my food plan can now be worked into the "staple rotation" and not make a dent into the more fragile, consumable side of the ledger. On a fun note, I've been doing some research into how to make my own homemade Greek yogurt. I'm headed downstairs in a moment to mix up my first batch. There just so happens to be a small amount of organic, Greek yogurt in my fridge right now... just the right amount for creating a 32 oz batch. Currently, we go through about a 32 oz container each week at a cost of about $3.50/container. A gallon of milk costs less than that, so it makes sense to give it a try.

And then I'd like to make some ricotta cheese this weekend. Not that we're going to turn into some kind of weird family...ok, maybe we already are some kind of weird family...just don't expect to see me wearing a prairie skirt and flour sack apron anytime soon! Yogurt, cheese, bread: it's got to be very easy and non-complicated for it to work with this household. As my father-in-law is prone to say, "So many moving parts!"

So, it's off to experiment: wish me luck!