Saturday, July 2, 2016

Day 2: July Money Challenge $1/1meal/1person

Holiday Weekend
Money Spent on Groceries: $0
Food: simple, likely boring. Stuff like cereal and fruit (strawberries and bananas) for breakfast, sandwiches and carrot sticks and chips for lunch w/milk; and dinner...FREE, thanks to our gracious church's community/family holiday water slide and cookout.

My food was nearly identical to yesterday's (fruit, milk, yogurt, salad, cheese, bacon, more salad, winter squash, wg crisp, milk, soy, etc). The only real difference between yesterday's food for me and today's what that I had an ounce of bacon for breakfast, lunch AND dinner (you'll learn before too many days are out that bacon really is my favorite food)!

The children and I overdid it today. Got too hot and cranky. I broke/dropped a dish while making lunch. Sat on the floor and cried with my kids, when they couldn't stop crying themselves.
I was certainly not my best at all times to all people. Also, this afternoon, I was trusted enough to be given some very solemn news, the tragedy and depth of which have left me inwardly reeling and still absorbing the shock and loss of it. It will all be o.k.; however, it gives me insight into a sweet family's life that otherwise, I would have been oblivious too...and for that, I am truly grateful.

The thought of going to the grocery store today and swarming with the crowds obsessing over ribs, soda/beer, watermelon, and potato salad was repulsive to me. Again, there was no real need for anything, and you'd better believe after all the heat and lines and energy pouring out of me like water, going into the temple of food, aka, Kroger, with three hot, sweaty children was the absolute last thing I wanted to do.

So, I didn't. And I didn't have to, not even for bread or milk or any other "basic necessity." What a relief!

Late this evening, we drove out along the Natchez Trace to a dirt pull off along the Reservoir. There, with a dozen other families, we sat in the grass, 10 feet from the water's edge, and watched two simultaneous firework shows light up the night sky over the glistening expanse of lake.

Tomorrow's a new day, so there will be blueberry muffins and sausage for breakfast, and chicken quesadillas for lunch. Dinner hasn't been sorted yet. Perhaps a friend is coming, in which case, dinner will need to be thought out a bit more. Otherwise, dinner just might be pancakes...and bacon.