Thursday, July 21, 2016

Day 21: July Food Challenge $1/1/1 Fender Benders, Membership Fees, and a Year's Worth of Soap

Grocery Money Spent: $23.70
Housekeeping Money Spent: $0.56

Big News: I pulled out in a lane and clipped a passing car. No one was hurt. I followed the car into a nearby bank parking lot and said, "I clipped your car, so I'm here so we can call the police and file a report." Apparently, it wasn't her car. The car didn't have a tag. After a few moments, I looked up and the woman was speeding off down the road.

Huh??? Well, that's never happened before. I called the insurance company and asked what I was supposed to do? Do I wait? Do I call the police? Apparently, I was allowed to leave. I could file a police report to cya, but it was not necessary. Did I want to file a claim for my car? No thank you. My car now sports a nice shiner on her front bumper. But, hey, you see me coming, my car is letting you know: give this woman some space! Happens to be the same bumper, same side that my grandfather rammed into a fence post with. Comes with my blood apparently.

And yes, I'm driving my grandfather's old 1998 Toyota Camry. Thankfully, the beast just keeps on churning up the miles. I think I'll name her "Gussy." Devil-may-care attitude in a pale gold dress.

Secondary News: I forgot that my Sam's Club membership had expired. That was a no fun surprise. We've got memberships under our family spending plan under the category (you guessed it): Needful Frivolities (Sam's, Netflix, and Amazon).

Third News: We now possess, by my best estimate, a year's worth of soap. I am allowing 3 bars per month, which seems a bit excessive, but I have kids and they like bubbles, and I've never actually used one of these bars of soap, so it may "melt" quicker than I imagined and then I'd have to buy full-priced soap (this is how my monkey brain works)! Cost was tax only, so just $0.56 for 24 bars of soap (or 8 months worth).

Best news: The Spouse made a Cottage Pie for the family's dinner tonight (mine was different, due to my food addiction/recovery plan). This awesome meal-in-one was declared a family favorite! We used Colby cheese (what we had vs Cheddar) and other seasonings to replace the Worcestershire Sauce (don't have any on hand). Seconds were had by all, save the six-year-old who asked, "How many more bites do I have to take?" (10) Tried to bargain down, to which I said, "Well, you could just eat it all." We also had a cool little history lesson as well.

Later, I took the kids to swim in a neighbor's salt-water pool. They are out of town and offered us the use of it. They swam in the twilight and early darkness, jumping, splashing and shrieking together till an oncoming storm forced us out and back home to beds.

This evening, I've done some food prep and then have been just enjoying lounging on the couch and listening to:  the quiet. The two dogs are curled up and sleeping on the rug near our feet. The cat, too, has claimed a spot on the felt, stretched out, belly exposed in blissful trust. The Spouse and I chat about current events, but mainly just enjoy the silence.

In our past, we lived a life beyond our means, trying to impress others with our possessions, our gifts, our ideal family, our good deeds that we wanted you to know about, our expertise on all subjects, etc. We tried, to some extent to buy God's love and buy other people's love as well. "If I lavish this on you, you will love me, be good to me and do nice things for me." It was, in many ways, a form of self-preservation. A sign of immaturity (guess we are late bloomers over here). In part, we behaved this way because we did not believe, if you really knew us, you'd actually love us, or that we'd be good enough to talk to or listen to or be friends with. Today, for the most part, those things have been stripped away. (I still have to work on being a know-it-all.) These days, WYSIWYG with our family. If you don't like us, that's ok. I'd rather know the truth, than hide behind a veneer of pretense.

There's $40 and some loose change left in the Tilly till pay day in 10 days.
Cupboards, Refrigerator, and Fridge are all stocked.
I'm thinking, at this point, I'm going to have some money to spare.
The thought itself blows my mind.