Friday, July 22, 2016

Day 22: July Food Challenge $1/1/1 Food "Happies" from Friends

Grocery Money Spent: $8
Housekeeping: $0

Over the couse of this week, our family has been blessed with the bounty of some of our friends and neighbors seasonal produce: crisp, fresh cucumbers, garden-grown tomatoes, figs,  some (yummy, but not local) cherries, ginger beer, and homemade fig preserves: what a treat! (Thank you, Friends! We've been noshing on these treats all week!)

The Spouse made a delectable poached egg at breakfast. Truly, a tasty work of art! I can see the warm, jiggly insides of that egg, just barely contained within the delicate whites. I'm going to put in a request for such an egg for breakfast tomorrow! The key, apparently, to a lovely poached egg is swirling the water first.

Someone asked what we eat everyday. Well, perhaps next month, I'll post my monthly meals, but here's what we ate as a family on this 22nd day of our $1/1/1 food plan:
Kids: cereal, fresh cherries
The Spouse: SE Asian Poached Egg (poached egg, sauteed onions, sliced celery, julienne carrots, fresh ginger, cumin, and sun-dried tomatoes, served on a warmed tortilla), with roasted figs, sliced green apple
Me: applesauce, yogurt, soy, milk, coffee

Kids: cheese quesadillas, with side of peanuts, granny smith apples, raisins, and milk
The Spouse: Raisins, peanuts, small side salad, hot tea
Me: Salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, pickles and carrots, bacon, chorizo sausage, wheatgerm, butter, milk, and coffee

The Fam (except me): scoop of ice cream w/chocolate syrup

The Fam (except me): leftover Cottage Pie, thin-sliced celery, cucumber rounds, pickle, goldfish with milk
Kids: 2nd dinner: large piece of Dominos pizza (at a neighbor's house, swimming), big cookie (again, neighbors)
The Spouse: 2nd dinner/snack: leftover stroganoff, more peanuts, ginger beer
Me: green beans, tomatoes, wheat germ, soy, milk, butter, sesame seeds

At the grocery today, I purchased more coffee, a loaf of bread, and a bag of clementines. The bag burst open as I was walking down the aisle with it and a few of the oranges tumbles out. The produce clerk put the fruit in a clearance bag, so I ended up with $5 worth of citrus for $1. Sweet!

Fridays are a busy, busy work day: cook breakfast for the crew with my co-worker M. We sing lines of songs (he teases about being in a gang: the "Semi-Bad Asses" and he definitely has a band: "The Dentists" or something equally non-musical sounding) We laugh alot as we cook. We talk about religion, politics, philosophy, our kids, spouses, and movies. Today's breakfast movie: Pleasantville. If you haven't seen it, you should.

I'm going to try my hand at doing some preserving of some different things... already looking towards Christmas gifts. I put out a call for unwanted Mason Jars, and now, thanks to a friend, I am the proud owner of 7. Cost: $0.

Life is good.
Life here is very, very good.
I'm grateful we walk this journey together!