Monday, July 25, 2016

Day 25: July Food Challenge $1/1/1 Empty, yet Full

Money spent: $16.86
Money remaining in grocery budget: $0 (gave away the change to some folks at the change exchanger/coin machine)

Ok, Friends. Here we sit.
It's Monday night and the grocery envelope lays empty and gone.
Those of you, including myself, who thought we'd have money leftover: hee! hee!
(Though there are those two $5 gift cards at Target in case of a food "emergency."

Tonight, after work, I purchased:
- 2 gallons of milk
- loaf of bread
- small bag of carrots
- 1 bunch of celery
- bag of roma tomatoes (~3 pounds off the produce rack)
- bag of apples (~2 pounds off the produce rack)
- pint of sour cream (cheaper than other sizes)
- can of green beans (dented/clearance rack)

We can now back up that analogous cement truck that I referred to in an earlier post.
It is time to simply settle in for the week and eat what is on hand. If you read yesterday's post, you know there is a ton of food in the house, so now it's just a matter of being at peace and eating it.
There is more than enough.
For everyone.
Even you.
If you dropped in, we would feed you.
If you were hungry, you would not leave our home unsatisfied.
Plan. (your food budget and your meals)
Prepare. (your grocery trips and your food)
Protect. (your food plan/budget from "impulsive buying")
...and give thanks...for good measure. (it is more than enough) :)