Sunday, July 24, 2016

Day 24: July Food Challenge $1/1/1 In the company of friends

An admirable front porch, made for conversation (Pensacola)
Money spent: $0
Money remaining in grocery budget: $17, some change, 2 $5 gift cards from Target, $4 in Walgreens "Register Rewards"
Days remaining: 7

Well, Friends, we are on the downhill slope. One more full week and we will be in August and July's Food Challenge will be completed. Do I think we will make it and stay in our spending plan? Absolutely! Aside from milk, bread, and some fruit, we're set food wise. There is enough of all of those for the first few days of the week. I'm guessing we need 2.5 gallons of milk ($8), 1 large jar of applesauce (or produce rack yummies) ($2.50) and 2 loaves of bread ($2).

(if you have food issues, just skip this paragraph)
Veggies are in abundance (fresh and frozen and even some canned).
Proteins include: milk, cheese, eggs, yogurt, peanut butter (2 large jars), soy, chicken, sausage, pepperoni, and salmon
Fruits: fresh apples, a literal handful of cherries, dried and fresh figs, canned fruit, applesauce, large bag of raisins
Bread: 30ish tortillas, 3/4 loaf of bread, 2 banana nut muffins, rice, instant potatoes, flour for baking biscuits or making more carbs
Dessert: 1/2 gallon of icecream, large bag of chocolate chips, other chocolate
Snacks: 1/2 bag of tortilla chips, 1 bag of chex mix, multiple bags of goldfish crackers, a handful of wheat thins

In other words... more than enough food for the week ahead.

Today was spent leisurely enjoying a spontaneous visit from friends. We shared lunch together, which included a surprise gifting of food from our neighbors. Together, we swam or sunned in the neighborhood pool, which we had completely to ourselves. Later, we spent hours relaxing on the front porch, enjoying the breeze and conversation. On the front porch, it is easy to say "Hello!" to the passing neighbors. One neighbor came up and enjoyed a coffee with us and filled us in on their recent hike on the Appalachian Trail. We took a water bowl down to a neighborhood dog who was sitting by the bench with his owner. We chatted with folks while they fished and just enjoyed sitting in each others company.

Unless you've lost a lot of friends, it is hard to imagine how precious having a real friend in your life is.
When, for whatever reason, you find your fairweather friends all flown away, those true friends who remain become even more treasured. And so, I find myself grateful for a day like today.
A day to just be.
No one important.
No showing off.
Guards down.
Simple, casual, relaxed, camaraderie.