Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Day 27: July Food Challenge $1/person/meal/day Clouds, Parks, and a Dash of Love

It's been a good day, made more pleasant by clouds, parks, and friendship. Thank God it was cloudy today. And it rained.
And it stayed cloudy: all day!
The heat of our non-air-conditioned home was actually bearable because of those facts.
Still, we gladly let the kids have a sleepover with friends last night.
Yes, those same pizza-loving friends I wrote about yesterday.
And they played there and then later at the park. Late in the day, it was home again to relax in our bedroom, where our other neighbor-friends' portable AC-unit kept it as chilled down as any meat locker.
Seriously! That thing would probably "keep on keeping on" until it generated icicles! THANK YOU!

Tomorrow, the repairmen come and hopefully, the entire home will be back to normal. With the humidity, it's beginning to smell just a little bit like our two dogs.

To top off today's "good things," The Spouse cooked a delicious, veggie stir-fry for The Fam.
God bless our youngest.
Perhaps, he's overtired.
I can honestly say, he tried to bite his tongue and not complain.
He ate the broccoli and a little rice and three glasses of milk.
Of course, coming in from the heat and playing in the park meant that the decision was made to feed the kids ice cream at 5:30 p.m.
Before dinner.
I get it.

Tonight would have been one of those, "Let's just go through X, Y, or Z and grab a quick bite and something cold to drink!" To resounding kids, "Yesss!" $25 for that supposed transaction, easily. I know, because I've done it quite frequently in my past money oblivion.

But our family didn't do that.
We came home and had a treat here instead.
And The Spouse then proceeded to chop up a bunch of veggies and made a delicious meal.
Well done, Beloved.
There are certainly worse things than ice cream for dinner.
Perhaps, you forgot that time I served them popcorn for din-din?
Not once, but twice one distant spring.
Yes, we're human.
Happy, hot, and a little grumpy, but madly-in-love-with-each-other family.

Money spent: $0
Tons of food still remains: I promise.

Today, we had a request for bacon.
It's been off the menu for over a week.
"Oh, yes!" I replied, "We'll have bacon on Monday! Perhaps, for dinner."
"Do we have to wait till Monday?" (yes)
"How many days are left until Monday?" (Well, it's Wednesday now)
And then a request for another exotic food item.
"But this one, I think, only costs a dollar. Maybe two." (Well, we can add it to Monday's list, if you'd like)
"Do you promise me, you won't forget?"
"Do you need to write it down, so you can remember because Monday seems like a really long way away from now." (I promise that I won't forget. I'm very smart and have an excellent memory, just like you!)
And then the conversation moved to alligators and dogs barking and summer vacation coming to an end.
No tantrum.
No tears.