Sunday, July 3, 2016

Day 3: July Food Challenge $1/person/meal/day

Holiday Weekend con't
Money spent: $9.77
- gallon of milk
- jar of applesauce
- can of baking powder
- jar of seeds
- can of jalapenos

Yes, there were blueberry muffins and sausage patties on the menu for breakfast. We have two young friends that join us on Sunday mornings for breakfast, so I try not to serve cereal...pride, I know. I'll get over it one of these days.

Baking tip: write the date on condiments/spices when you open them. The most recent can of baking powder: 8/13/2012. Ok, I don't know how long the stuff keeps, but obviously not that long. Good thing those muffins were full of juicy berries, for they were, as my son kindly put it, "a bit dense." Ha! Heavy as lead is more likely.
Somehow all 12 of them got eaten anyway, so they must not have been too terrible; however, it did mean putting fresh baking powder on the grocery list for today.

And yes, we did actually need to go, for by now we were nearly out of milk and the fruit supply was close to nil. Jalapenos were our middle son's request.
He's 11 and thinks they are the best addition to a variety of meals these days. So, I got the smallest, cheapest can, hoping he'd change his mind, once he had the opportunity to indulge in his new favorite. Nope. He just drank more milk to counteract the fire and helped himself to seconds.

Ok. In fact, all the children ate like horses today. Seconds at breakfast, requests for more at lunch and then seconds at dinner. "Did we swim too much the past few days and they depleted all their energy stores? Am I not feeding them enough at mealtimes and they actually are underfed? Are they getting enough nutrients? Do they have tapeworms?"

I've been a mother for what feels like forever and these still are the questions that roll through my head when my kids act like voracious, gulping feeders.

"This food plan is never going to work if they eat like this all month!" chases those thoughts quickly.
And ultimately, that is what I'm worried about... that I won't "make it" on this challenge.
I'll fail. I mean it's Day 3 and I've not spent all my allocated money, but still, we're going to starve to death on these rations, apparently.

Well, that's stupid thinking.
Nobody's starving.
There is a ton of food in this house and no one, absolutely no one, is going to bed-- or even throughout the day-- hungry. And as I type this, I realize that today, for possibly the first time in their life, was a day of minimal snacks. As in only one snack for the kids between lunch and dinner.
Bam! That explains it.
Odds are they don't have parasites suddenly inhabiting their bellies: they just actually were ready to eat when The Spouse and I fed them each meal.
So, catastrophe avoided.
At least in the food department.