Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day 5: July Food Challenge $1/person/meal

There used to be a time when I would spend a $100 at the grocery store as a regular occurrence. Honestly, it happened with far too much frequency, sometimes more than once a week. So today, when I ended up in the grocery store twice and spent $27, it should not have seemed a big deal, right.  But gee whiz, that's a lot of coin these days, and I'm competive and want to "win" this contest thing, and what exactly did I spend $27 on?

Well, there were bananas, potatoes, tomatoes, raspberries, and strawberries on the $1 rack of the grocery store. As in
5 bananas = $1
2 pints of golden raspberries = $1 (I'm drooling for these as part of breakfast)
1 pound of strawberries = $1
4 organic tomatoes = $1
3 pounds of golden potatoes = $1

There were other veggies too, like broccoli and organic lettuce, but I still have about 5 cucumbers, a few tomatoes, celery and carrots at home, so left it at the above.

Milk = 1/2 gal for $2 (the gallon was the better deal, but I opted for the 1/2)
Can of Hormel Chili/No Beans = $0.75 (dented/clearance rack)
Bread = $0.89 (we're talking ridiculously cheap Pssst brand, Baby)
Can of pineapple = $1.19 (O.k., that's just crazy... look at all the fruit above, but I did it)
3 packs of sugarfree gum = $1 each + $0.60 off coupon (they've gone AWOL)
Clorox cleaning wipes (large size) = $2 on clearance rack (cleaning supplies counts?)
6 containers of powdered CountryTime lemonade mix = $1 each (ummm)
6 containers of powdered Tang orange drink mix = $1 each (ummm... at least it has 100% of you DV: C)
1 can of Hunt's spaghetti sauce, no sugar added = $1 (pizza night... I was at the car, got the text and went back technically, three trips to the cashier today...same cashier...she laughed at/with me)
Also had/used a $1 off total purchase coupon (the one that got handed back to me, yep, it worked)

I still can't believe I bought all those powdered drink mixes.
Many "thrifty" sites encourage just drinking water vs empty calories in juices, Kool-aid, and the above powdered thingies. Let's face it: in my family, we do drink a lot of water and we will probably drink more and more water (makes screwed up nose face); however, there's that silly lemonade stand request, and... I caved.

These containers normally run $4 each and once a year they/Kroger marks them down (if you buy 6 cans at a time), so I elected to do a Mr. Money Moustache and buy enough to last for six months (I don't know if it is realistic to say they'll go a full year). This feels like justification, and...

I caved.

I admit it. Not exactly going broke on good deals, but, for my budget, it needs to be a big red flag, "TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING IS NOT A GOOD THING!"

Still, I've got $7 "extra" in my grocery fund that I haven't spent as part of my daily total, so, for the record, I'm going to chalk it up today's excess in drink mixes to "learning curve" and get on with my life.

Also, I'm not so sure it's fair to count cleaning supplies as part of my food budget. So, effective immediately, I'm giving our family $10/mo for household cleaning supplies like soap, shampoo, detergent, etc. The pets food isn't coming out of my people food budget either: just setting that straight.

In the meantime, there were personalised homemade pizzas on the menu, thanks to sweet Spouse mixing up dough and supervising the assembly line. Speaking of pets, the doggies noshed on pizza crusts to their immense delight. Our youngest, apparently, decided that he didn't like crusts either. That meant he only ate the center out of his round pizza...goofy kid! Try explaining to a six-year-old that "the edge" is really not as "wide" as he's making it: you won't win.

Fun day...and by the way, feel free to drop by for a glass of lemonade.
We've got plenty!