Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day 6: July Food Challenge $1/person/meal/day

Day 6: berry bounty
WTF is going on here?
At lunch, I did my grocery run. The only thing we needed was milk.
I ended up spending $13.67.
Yes, more yummy fruit on the $1 rack.
A coupon for $0.40 off another item. And $0.60 off another.
But I found myself "trolling" for deals and bargains and it was making me grumpy. In fact, it made me grumpy for several hours post grocery trip.
I sat with my grumpiness and tried to figure out why I was upset; after all, I hadn't overspent...technically, still had $1.21 saved for the month.
Was it the lack of menu planning for the family and feeling like we were just flying by the seat of our pants day-to-day? What's for breakfast? And then what should we have for lunch? Snack? Dinner?
That's perhaps probably part of the problem.
So, I looked online for some family menu planning resources.
Oh, look here's a lot you can pay for a subscription to.
$5/mo or more.
Here's some sample recipes...
Yuck, no wonder they're giving these recipes away: no way my six-year-old is going to eat whole wheat oatcake anything!
So, I continued to sit with my disgruntled self.
What is bothering me about this process?

I almost bought a diet soda in the drive thru, but drove past, just pissed.
Two hours later, I nearly treated my grumpy ass to a sugar-free, calorie free, flavored snow cone, but resisted...granted, resisted after pawing through my purse, I didn't have $2 on hand, because I had already spent it...and if push came to shove, I honestly would rather have fresh raspberries over a diet soda. Even if it meant waiting till breakfast.

Feeling scarcity? No, I think there may actually be more food in the house than there was a week ago...which is saying something, considering how much we've eaten this past week.
Feeling deprived? Hmmm. Well, I'm a little concerned about two or three bulk items I buy a couple of times a year, but not enough to justify this angst.
Finally, it dawned on me: I'm tired of spending so much time in the grocery store.
I used to get great pleasure going daily for my "hunt".
The past two days "hunting" has left me feeling wasteful and ridiculous.
Also, I don't like using up all my spare change, while at the same time, I have a habit of spending money when I'm irritated.
I like having that extra cash around for my bacon fund, and frankly, I'd like some bacon to go right now. (ha, pun!)
Well, it's not time for bacon, so that's not happening, and my "spend money pacifier" just got its nipple cut off, so I'm just being a sulky baby.
At 46, trust me, there is never an appropriate time to be a sulky baby.

(heaves big sigh)

This is what creating new, good habits are like, apparently.
Six days in and I'm not much better than my youngest, who tonight claimed, "I don't so much like chili. I especially don't care for it over rice." This morning he stubbornly declared, "Golden raspberries are not my favorite." To which his older brother remarked, "But how do you know, if you've never even tried them?" I wasn't around at lunch time, thankfully, though I certain he had a remark or two about that as well.
Tonight, I gently called him on his behavior. "Do you realize you seem to complain about every meal, Dear One? It's not very pleasant to listen to." He twinkled at me and then managed a magnificent hock/throat clearing.

Day actual success that feels like a bust.