Friday, July 8, 2016

Day 8: July Food Challenge $1/1/1

Money spent: $0
Meals: all good
Complaints: "dinner too buttery"
Food stash: there's a lot of food, though you can see holes now in the freezer and pantry

Friday breakfast! As a treat for the staff, I made my children's great, great grandmother's sweet roll recipe. Usually, this is just saved for special holidays, but, I thought it would be nice and, as a bonus, there would be enough leftover dough to make a few for the Fam as well. Of course, I forgot to take a picture of the finished product! I've included a picture of the recipe as a consolation prize. Handwritten by my dear mother-in-law. You'll note it calls for odd things like scalding milk and a bunch of complicated steps. You can do it that way, if you wish. Or, if you have a strong mixer, just dump it all in and stir it till nice and smooth, about five minutes. Then cover and set in the microwave for an hour. Then dump out and proceed to follow the recipe directions. (Note: I let them sit for a good 20 minutes before placing in the oven. It makes a difference.)
21 minutes is perfect in my oven, which tends to run a smidge hot.
Any longer and they are hard and dried out.
Were they worth the extra effort for the work crew?
Honestly, no. Love my team, but no. Extra two hours work, only to arrive at the office and still have to help with the rest of breakfast and then do all the clean up? No. Lesson learned.

After reading yesterday's post, a kind reader thoughtfully suggested that I try shopping once a week to save money and avoid the grocery store. Cool idea, which I had not considered, but liked the idea of immediately. Spouse and I are disagreeing over it.
I spent about an hour tonight, crafting a menu and grocery list: 5 days/15 meals.
No order of "on Saturday you must eat ___ and on Tuesday, we are having ___." I've done menu plans before and some days the mood just doesn't work for the meal planned, but having an idea of workable options that are flexible should be a help.

We'll compromise. It's what you do in marriage.
For me, the exercise is in "how much do we actually need" so that we do not end up with stuffed cupboards half-filled with food we don't want to eat. There's some of that now and I haven't figured out what to do with that unwanted excess. Trashing it is not an option. Soup kitchen donation? For stuff I don't want to eat? That hardly seems fair. "Hey, you're hungry, have something really yucky." No thanks. Not my idea of being kind.

This weekend, I'll find a solution or it'll find the trashcan...and I'll try to adopt Marie Kondo's method of blessing and sending on into the world, even if the end result is simple decomposition with a release of attached guilt as well. Looking at it everyday is not giving me peace. And it's stressing out my spouse.

More strawberry top water was attempted a smaller container. Still looks extremely subtle in flavor. Perhaps, if I was a gourmet, it would be more appreciated. I don't recommend it.

Our 11 year old is suggesting a compost pile. Hmmm. I don't think so. Seems like more work.
At least for now, I'm not ready to take on that challenge.
Remember that can of pineapple I bought a few days ago?
Good thing I did, since it's part of tomorrow's breakfast.