Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Daily Kind: Kindness Challenge

Today, someone paid me a very sweet compliment.
In it, they mentioned the deep cynicism of someone else, as a contrast.
Why do we get cynical? Most of us have been there at one time or another.
For me, the answer usually resides in a deep hurt, or an unhealed emotional wound, or violent personal betrayal (either by someone else's actions or words). Sometimes, its root is in the seeming inability of either ourselves or someone else to "get over something" or "really change for the better". Regardless of its cause, the shadow cynicism casts is not pleasant to be around...and it tends to cast a wide pall of negative influence/energy.

So tonight, I asked my friend if she'd like to do something together for this other person.
Something small.
Something the other person won't even know we are doing.
And do it together for this other soul for nine days straight.

As my recent food challenge taught me, a small thing, done daily, can actually be done.
So, here's my plan: for the next nine days let's do something kind for someone else.
I've got one particular person.
You may have nine different people.
Your choice; afterall, it's your challenge.

Rules are simple:
- the recipient can not be aware of what you are doing
- it must be a small, consistent thing...a simple act of kindness or compassion
- you can involve one other friend, if needed to help you stay accountable

We start tomorrow.
Nine days of kindness here we come!