Sunday, August 7, 2016

The DailyKind: Tale of Three Turtles

This morning as we were driving to church, a plucky little box turtle was crossing the road. We stopped to let him pass, but he froze, so, as we chattered and peered at him, we slowly drove around the fellow, giving him needed space, while admiring his vibrant yellow and brown markings.

A few moments later, the six-year-old yells from the back seat, "Mom! That truck didn't stop and just smashed the turtle! He's dead! He's dead!"

Oh, God.
What was the point of our being kind?
Did I help or harm my child by bringing him awareness of the turtle only to have him observe, less than a minute later, the creature getting obliterated and that image burned into his brain?

Later, some of our nature-loving neighbors dropped by. They were relocating a rather large box turtle that they had found. It had been trapped in their recycling bin. Adjacent to our neighborhood is a small, public arboretum. Did the kids want to come and join in on the rehoming of the turtle? Of course! They all tramped off with the family and found "just the right spot" for a wild box turtle to grow and thrive.

Less than an hour later, our friends had found yet another turtle: this one just newly hatched and easily nestled into the hollow of your hand. Off to the marshy woods they trecked...this is a much better habitat for fine turtles over houses riddled with concrete driveways.

And so, the point, triple-ly made to me today, was a resounding, "Yes! It is always worth being aware." Always worth the pause and wonder at the beauty around us. Fragile. Fleeting.
Sometimes, you simply admire.
Other times, you get to respectfully honor the life of the creature, as you bow, move, and respect its path.
Every once in a while, you actually get to help Mother Nature out: which is really fun.
Double rainbows.
Hugs and snuggles.
Even Turtles.
It all matters.